Get Body massage from Girls and Enjoy Your Life

The fast paced world doesn’t have time for anyone. You don’t even have time for yourself. As fast we are progressing, we are also forgetting the ways to live and enjoy life. Whatever the reasons are behind your busy life, we will show you how you are missing out on something very pleasuring. Body massage nowadays has become a way to get rid of your hectic world for a while, but we have here a body massage services from girls that keep you away from certain stressful things and give you time to enjoy life in Chandigarh.


Sensuality Redefined By Body to Body Massage

Performing a very popular massage to the males of Chandigarh, young and hot girls try to touch every erotic trigger of the body through body to body massage. Moreover, these only help you in a positive way. Chandigarh is beautiful but, at the same time, is a busy city. So keeping it all together can be little tough. Being stressed is very common in males due to stretching hours in front of computer. Body to body massage helps you push your internal sensuality and ejaculate internally, thus not harming body at all and helping it relax through sensuality.

Hot Oil Body Massage by Girls

Another full body massage that is famous here in massage parlours is hot oil massage, which is especially designed to keep your stress lines away. Hot oil is poured down on the forehead and girls massage it in the most simple and effective way. Unwanted headache will not be a problem anymore if you take this. After that, hot oil is poured all over the body and girls ask you for any part that has pain. These oils are medicated and help every other male in chandigarh.

Erotic Sandwich Massage

Those who are not satisfied with one girl and want to make it more memorable experience of body spa and massage by girls can also go for sandwich massage, where you are the leaf between the sandwich and two girls are the loaf bread of sandwich. This is sometimes mixed with soapy massage for a greater pleasure. These are some easy methods for enjoying life through body massage from hot girls. With medical benefits, these massages also keep you happy and fresh for a long time.

Massages For Core Of Your Body

The concept of massage has its roots in the early ages, moreover we got this idea from our ancestors who used it to relax and ease the body as their used to be a lot of manual labour at that time. However, with the passage of time the uses changed as the manual labour got less with technological advancement. At one point of time it became a subject of class that rich people used to practice. Yet, as for now it have become popular around the world for relaxation of body and treating different body related problems.


Full body massage etymologically means friction of kneading, it is because an amount of pressure is used on the body by the use of hands and fingers. This is done to give stimuli to the nerve ends in the muscles that rejuvenates the muscles and eventually provides pleasure and relaxation.

It is important from the medical point of view as well and is even recommended by doctors in some situations like physical deformity or some dislocation of muscles caused in the body. It is even popular in the sports and holds a great significance, as physical mishaps are common in sports and massage plays a great remedial role to heel.

Different types of Massages

Massages beholds a lot of variety which means there are different types of massages for different body parts and are performed differently. Earlier there used to be a single way to perform body massage but nowadays as it have become a profession, there are a lot of variations in massage.

Some of the popular types of massages in Chandigarh prevalent in practice are

Ayurvedic Massage

This is used to relax the body which have become tired due to daily routine, which makes the body tiring and pale. It involves, use of ayurvedic oils while massaging the body this ensures no aftereffects as natural elements from nature are used on the body.

Medical Massage

As the word suggest it is used in medical fields by doctors and trained therapists. Medical massages are used to treat some physical deformity caused by some accident. It involves use of mechanical machines and special techniques to treat body problems.

Hot stone Massage

This one is popularly known by the name Shiatsu. In this massage hot stones are used on the body to trigger proper blood circulation eventually relaxing the body. This one has its origin from south East Asia.

Swedish massage

This one is most popular and involves the use of stokes to the body while performing it. It is beneficial in case of treating pain reduction, dislocation, and back pain and many more problems. Many female therapists have been offering it as body to body massage too.

Conclusion: It is clear that the profession is growing and getting popular in Chandigarh, as though there is no physical labour but there surely is mental labour which causes stress and uneasiness to your mind and inner core. Full body massage is the only solution to tackle such problem and treat the body well.

DIY: How to Perform An Effective Massage

Everyone is familiar with the use of body massages in order to treat problems like anxiety, depression and providing relaxation to the body. But the question arises, does it need some professional qualification or can it be performed by common man. Well the complex massages which involves a prior training to perform and use of mechanical tools needs to be performed by specialists only. Yet, there still are some easy ways to conduct massages which involves the use of fingers and hand movements which can be performed by anyone.


Performing a massage must be known to everyone as at any point of time one might need some massage due to some sudden dislocation or discomfort in the body. Being aware of the procedure of massage one can be of some help for instant relief.

Basic steps to be followed

  1. Preparing atmosphere

The first steps is to create soothing atmosphere as massages are generally to release tension and stress and perfect use of low lightning and use of light perfumes and candles are some common ways to do it.

  1. Preparing natural oil

Going natural regarding the use of oil is the best choice. The use of natural oils ensures no after effects of the massage performed.

  1. Application of oil

There is a proper technique to use the oils for massages. Firstly, one must rub the oil to be used which should little in amount between their palms and wait until it gets a little warmer. Than it can be applied on the body for massage.

  1. Perfect pressure

Massages are all about applying the perfect amount of pressure on the body while performing it. It should neither be too firm nor be too hard. One should remember that the massage is given to release the pain and not to generate pain.

  1. Go slow

While performing the massage at home one should always go slow and use of whole hand should be ensured. In order to ease the muscles slow strokes are best way to start which helps in proper blood circulation.

  1. Use of palm

After easing the muscles by slow strokes one can start performing the massage with the use of palms in a butterfly motion, which should cover maximum area of the body especially back and shoulders.

  1. Up and down motion

The next motion to be used is up and down by the use of fingers and thumb, giving relief to the spinal area and neck.

  1. Use of arms

It is obvious that one gets tired while performing a massage so even use of fore-arms is allowed in the process and is effective in raising the amount of pressure.

  1. Finishing

At this point almost all the parts are rejuvenated and touched and relieved. Neck is the last part that will ensure the finishing of the process, where thumbs are used while applying light pressure. The end is the best part as it soothes the whole body and neck is the most affected and tired part of the body.

Conclusion: Even a layman can perform massage therapy to ease the body with the above mentioned simple steps. However, a soothing body massage in Chandigarh by girls can only be availed through expert and young female therapists.

Erotic Massage Something more than Sensuous Foreplay

An erotic massage is soothing, free of stress, stimulates the immune system and circulation. Do you want to spoil your secret date with sensual touches? We show how to do this with an erotic massage.

A Body to body massage is the best way to fulfill sex. The beauty of it: everyone can learn to massage. You only need a comfortable underlay, Massage Parlour and massage oil for the start. The room should be warm so that the muscles do not cramp, the atmosphere intimate and undisturbed. There are plenty of Full body massage parlor that can provide you with sensuous massage to increase and enhance your physical power.

Tips for an erotic massage at Body Massage Service in Hauz Khas:

The appropriate oil

So that the massage becomes supple, you should use massage oil. You can easily mix it yourself: as carrier oil you use grape seed, almond or jojoba oil. Aromatic oils with erotic effect are rose oil, magnolia oil, ylang-ylang and ginger oil. Most of the oils are available at the pharmacy or in the drugstore market. Please note: For the intimate area do not use oil, but a water-based lubricant.

Spoil the whole body

Your partner is on your stomach. Before you start, put one hand on his neck, the other on the butt. Breathe deeply in and out, and concentrate on the imminent massage. Repeat several times. Make sure your hands are warm. Start gently at first, and sweep over the body of your partner in long movements.

Smooth from head to toe

Rub some oil on your palms to warm it. With gentle pressure, you first massage a half of the body, stroke with both hands towards the head. Start with your feet, over your back, shoulders, along with your arms to your fingertips. Now rub the other half of the body with the oil. You can vary tempo and rhythm during massaging, as well as pressure your hands. If you are unsure, try to be gentle. And, of course, you should always pay attention to the reaction of your partner.

Sensual foot massage

Foot massage does not sound very sexy at first – but is extremely effective. Why? Because most of the acupressure points are on the feet. Dedicate every foot sole. Massage with the thumb with light pressure. Then circle the ankles with two fingers, and then brush the back of the foot. By the way: In the middle of the football, between the big and second toe is the acupressure point for our pleasure centers. Lightly massage with your thumb and wait and see what happens

Why Mohali is best for body massage

Body massage usually starts from early days of life, in case you don’t remember then go back to the days when you were an infant then your mother or grandmother used to give you a soft body massage with the baby oil. It was practiced to make your bones and body stronger and healthier right from the start of your life. It might also be because of the fact that the human touch or the massage therapy gives the pleasure of being caressed, cared and pampered as well as helps to relieve the pain and stress from the body.


Although, with advancement of technology, we have found numerous ways to relieve ourselves from the tensions and stress like machineries, painkillers or others like going for a trip, a movie or dinner and sometimes even alcohol, one thing is sure that nothing of these stress busters can beat the effects and benefits of body to body massage.  You won’t feel healthy or fresh until and unless, you are able to take out all the tiredness and stress out from your body. This can be done only through full body massage services. Sometimes, it happens that you are not working hard physically but high level of mental stress and tiredness takes a toll over your body making you feel and look exhausted.

If you are not able to sleep properly, feeling not relaxed and want to exterminate from all the tiredness and stress from your mind and body then go to a massage parlor in Mohali that provides professional massage services. There are plenty of massage parlors in the area but those conducting massage by top models offer unmatched experience, making you feel fresh, relaxed and relieved physically and mentally. They provide a soothing environment and professional and beautiful masseurs in a great ambiance, light music and refreshing aroma around your body and an oil to oil massage from body to body.

When these models will slide over your oil dipped body, you can feel the energy being channelized to your body. When you get for full body massage in Mohali is conducted in a safe environment where you will get the feeling of ultimate relaxation like that of a body spa. The professional masseurs know the pressure points of body and linking with other body parts which helps them manipulation the point and offer complete satisfaction.

Stress free Healthy Life with massage

There are myriads of benefits of massage therapies including an abundant researches being carried on massage for recording its role in stress relief. Controlling stress level is one of most effective ways of leading happier and healthier lifestyle. It is something your brain and heart will thank you for too.


Massage Therapy Helps Lowering Blood Pressure & Control Stress

A recent study carried at International Journal of Preventive Medicine has proved that massage therapies can serve as an effective intervention for controlling blood pressure related problems in the pre hypertensive women. The study has recorded immediate results of lowered Blood pressures that lasted for long 72 hours after massage.

In yet another study carried out by same publication, the findings were quite similar. Those candidate who received Swedish massage over a time period of 4 weeks were found with significant fall in their Blood Pressure than those who do not have massage.

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Massage Therapy – Rejuvenating Your Body and Mind

Massage therapy refers to various techniques in which the therapists rub, press the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. They mainly use their fingers and hands but they may also use elbows, feet and forearms too for the massage. The massages can be done by a male massage therapist or a female massage therapist.


There are various benefits that can be achieved through regular massage therapies. Whether you want to do massage just for relaxation or attain relief from chronic pain or reduce muscle tension, a therapeutic massage can enhance your sense of physical and emotional well being.

Massage therapy helps in maintaining your heath by:

  • Eliminating or reducing pain
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Reducing muscular tension
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving posture
  • Encouraging relaxation
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Promoting easier and deeper breathing
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Relieving headache
  • Improving rehabilitation after injury

Regular massages when done by experts can be used in the treatment of both chronic and acute conditions. Massage therapy can be done on patients of all age and to treat various illness, disability and also used in treatment of injury rehabilitation.

Many massage therapists also provide body to body massage. It is also a type of massage that helps people to get rid of any kind of tension and experience full range of sensations. If done by a professional it can help the client to regain his well-being and also overcome any kind of issue that he may be facing. The health benefit associated with body to body massage is enhanced flow of food and improvement in sleep quality amongst others. The massages can be done by a male massage therapist or a female massage therapist depending upon your requirement.

If you are planning to come for a full body massage or a body to body massage or any massages, you may visit the massage centres in mohali & panchkula. The centres are equipped with latest technologies and massage specialist who have the requisite knowledge and experience to give their clients the best massage experiences. It is best to discuss with them the purpose of massage and if there are any ailments that you are suffering from. This helps the massage therapists to decide on the appropriate massage for you.

There are various types of massages for the body each with a unique purpose. Some of them even come with a different technique of doing the massages. It is best to discuss with your therapist in case of any query regarding the massages

Spa for a relaxed body and mind

In today’s time, the daily stress and monotony of life make us somehow feel tired from body and mind. If you also feel the same and you are not able to enjoy your life to the fullest because of the regular stress, then this piece of writing has a lot to offer to you.  Have you ever tried a Thai spa in Chandigarh? Do you know that taking a spa can actually be a rejuvenating experience for you?


There are many people who take it as a good idea to take a spa every month so they can break the monotony of life and pamper their bodies for some time.  Ayurvedic spa in Chandigarh is considered as the best option for people who want to get rid of the body aches and who want to make their minds and senses completely relaxed.

There are various spa therapies provided by the best spa in near mohali and panchkula and all these therapies are for the purpose of relaxing different body parts.  Spa basically includes massages, acupressure and other therapies which will provide complete relaxation to your body. What can be better than having a girl who massages your body to make you feel light and relaxed?

Couple spa in Chandigarh is also very popular where you can get a spa with your partner, the experience of the couple is exceptional as you basically get a chance to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Spa therapies are basically for one and all purposes, you will find various massages such as head massage, full body massage, body to body massage and a number of other options from which you can easily choose the option which suits your needs the best.

When we talk about a good body spa in Chandigarh, there are many of them and you can easily choose the one with quality services.  The various kinds of Spa therapies are considered best in the case of stress as well, as the massages and acupressure which is an integral part of spa therapy makes a person feel completely relaxed and once the tired body starts relaxing, the mind also follows the same and it becomes completely calm.

The best part about taking a spa is that it is a natural way of healing the tired body and mind. There are people who end up taking a lot of pills and anti-depressant for the aches in their bodies or for getting rid of stress, however when we talk about taking a spa, it is a completely natural way to heal the body, where the massages of essential and herbal oils calm the nerves of the body, making it feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

So, if you have also become tired of the regular stress of your personal and professional life, then taking a spa in bodymassagechandigarh will actually prove as a life-changing experience for you. Go-ahead and find a good salon to make your body feel refreshed.

Massage Has Great Healing Power like Nothing Else

Massage is no longer a luxury available only to the top-strata of the society. Massage has become very commonplace these days. You might have noticed several massage parlours opening up around you every now and then. There is a reason why the massage parlours are becoming so successful. Massage has the therapeutic benefits that can have a profound impact on the overall health and quality of life. More and more people have started going to the spas and massage parlours for massage therapy. If you have never tried massage at a professional parlour, learn more about it in this article and you will definitely want to go.


Massage has curative benefits

Remember that massage will not be your primary mode of therapy or treatment if you have any particular ailment or disease. If you have an illness, you should also consult your physician to determine if it would be good for you. Massage should be treated as an alternative healing method.

Massage is an alternative form of therapy. However, it has become quite popular and mainstream these days. A good massage in Mohali can have tremendous impact on your state of mind as well as body. Massage therapy can be taken alongside your regular treatment and can expedite the healing process many times. Studies have also proven that massage can be used quite effectively to reduce the mental stress and the tension in the muscles.

Regular researches are being conducted and many new results have come up. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits some of the studies have found and proven:

  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Helps with the digestive disorders
  • Is helpful with fibromyalgia
  • Can relieve headaches
  • Improves sleeping and reduces insomnia
  • It can also be quite effective Myofascial pain syndrome
  • If there are any injuries to the soft tissue or any strains, massage can help
  • Injuries during sports can also be treated with massage

Besides the therapeutic properties, there are some people who go for regular massage even if they have no medical condition. This is because they get the feeling of enjoyment. It has been noted that massage helps in enhancing the feelings of comfort, care, and belonging.

One must note that even though massage has many healing properties, it must never be treated as the replacement for the medical care. As already mentioned, if you have any disease or illness, you must consult your doctor first before beginning the massage therapy.

What exactly is massage? 

Whether you are going for body to body massage in Panchkula or foot massage, you will see that it is a process of rubbing or pressing your skin. Different parts of the muscles are manipulated during the massage including ligaments and tendons. There are different types of massage therapies available. Some rely on gentle stroking while the others have to apply deep pressure on the skin. Some of the most common types of massages include Swedish massage, deep massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, acupressure massage, and many more.

What to Expect From Your First Body Massage?

Getting a massage is the most relaxing experience one can have. Usually, people visit spas to have a body soothing experience. There are still some people who never visited any spa to get the massage and often feel confused and puzzled when tries to visit there. Don’t panic you should not get stressed of visiting a spa as below are the tips which can help you to get an idea of the first body massage:


•    Before the Massage

  1. Make sure you are not suffering from any skin problem like acne or irritation.
  2. You should start drinking a lot of water before some days of massage session
  3. Do not eat food before the massage session

They will ask you about the medical history tell them if you are allergic to oil or scented smell. You should also inform them about the level of comfort.

•    During the Massage

Usually, spas have beds and sheets which are generally used for massage. Make sure you are comfortable. Inform the therapist if you are not feeling well in that environment.

During the massage session, do not expose your private parts; uncover only that area on which massage is done. You can experience typical techniques of massage like gliding, kneading, holding, friction, compression, pressure, skin rolling, stretching, traction and many more.

•    After the massage

If you are feeling dizzy then, wait for some time and then get ready to come out of the massage room. Have some water to banish light-headedness.

You will feel relaxed, fresh and healthy after the massage. Visit a spa and enjoy the massage with full confidence in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula!