Reflexology Massage – Is it Beneficial?

Several studies in US and entire world have proved the advantages of reflexology massage. In fact, if a small foot massage can help you relax in a great way than how can a reflexology massage be far behind. Here is a list of benefits of reflexology massage that will leave you dumb struck

  1. It’s good for sex life: A foot massage can arouse your sex hormones and set your mood right for a love making night. Feet are a great start since it causes mild arousal which often turns into strong desires.
  2. Reduces anxiety in cancer patients and can be learned very easy and quickly. This helps to deal with depression and has helped several patients come over their problems and diseases.
  3. It has been found to heal headaches and migraines, and thus eradicating the brain related problems.
  4. Lowers the blood pressure, the problem that is very common to be found in both men and women. People with such problems often
  5. People who have flat foot and do not have normal arch often feel pain and inflammation. Regular foot exercises with reflexology massage can significantly lessen the pain and cure you.
  6. Alleviates PMS and Menopause sufferings much like sadness, mood swings, back pain etc. These reflexology massages have helped several women to feel better and cope with Post menopause problems.

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