5 facts to know about Body massage

Massage therapies are gaining popularity among the working class of people due to their numerous health and immune benefits. Most of us have heard about the common benefits of massage therapies on our body. Here is a list of 5 unknown facts that you must know about body massage:


  1. Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and may be the last to fade

And that’s why massage has such relieving and long lasting effect on human body. Scientists agree that a healthy touch can help to reduce heart rate as well as lowers the blood pressure in your body.

  1. One hour massage is equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep on human body

While there is no denying to the fact that massage helps to relax and relieve, yet it has been proven by statistics that a an hour of continuous massage works and heals the body in same way as 7 to 8 hours of sleep does.

  1. Stress is the cause of 80-90% of disease

Most of the heart and health related diseases are directly or indirectly associated with stress. Stress affects our body, blood pressure, heart, circulation etc.

  1. Office workers massaged regularly are more alert, perform better

Obviously, is someone is getting regular relieving massages, he or she will surely be a performer and in broader terms achiever.

  1. Massage therapy is the third most commonly used form of alternative medicine in the US

And when we have so many advantages packed in few steps then who won’t adapt it?

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