A Sensual Massage Involves Touching Your Intimate Parts, But Leaves You Quite Happy and Satisfied

Intimacy is all about being close to one another. A sensual massage is a technique of massage that involves the use of all the senses of the body. There is an arousal of the body on the sensual level. The massage aims to boost up both physical and emotional experiences.


The aim is often the sexual orgasm, the aim is to make one feel good. The therapy is usually achieved by the therapist almost always being nude while applying the massage. The client is often allowed to touch the body of the therapist enhancing the sensual experience of the massage.

Fingers are used in the proper way to arouse the client while the hands usually pass over the client’s genitals. There is a gradual build up of emotions in the body and mind of the client. The client can relax his or her mind and body while all this is going on.

An erotic moment is shared by the client and the therapist. This should always be an exciting and fun experience even if one is in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula. The feeling of being touched in different parts of the body does give great pleasure.

This experience is sought to be amplified in this kind of massage. There can be a lot of messages conveyed through a caring touch that conveys a feeling of trust and intimacy.

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