What to Expect From Your First Body Massage?

Getting a massage is the most relaxing experience one can have. Usually, people visit spas to have a body soothing experience. There are still some people who never visited any spa to get the massage and often feel confused and puzzled when tries to visit there. Don’t panic you should not get stressed of visiting a spa as below are the tips which can help you to get an idea of the first body massage:


•    Before the Massage

  1. Make sure you are not suffering from any skin problem like acne or irritation.
  2. You should start drinking a lot of water before some days of massage session
  3. Do not eat food before the massage session

They will ask you about the medical history tell them if you are allergic to oil or scented smell. You should also inform them about the level of comfort.

•    During the Massage

Usually, spas have beds and sheets which are generally used for massage. Make sure you are comfortable. Inform the therapist if you are not feeling well in that environment.

During the massage session, do not expose your private parts; uncover only that area on which massage is done. You can experience typical techniques of massage like gliding, kneading, holding, friction, compression, pressure, skin rolling, stretching, traction and many more.

•    After the massage

If you are feeling dizzy then, wait for some time and then get ready to come out of the massage room. Have some water to banish light-headedness.

You will feel relaxed, fresh and healthy after the massage. Visit a spa and enjoy the massage with full confidence in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula!