Stress free Healthy Life with massage

There are myriads of benefits of massage therapies including an abundant researches being carried on massage for recording its role in stress relief. Controlling stress level is one of most effective ways of leading happier and healthier lifestyle. It is something your brain and heart will thank you for too.


Massage Therapy Helps Lowering Blood Pressure & Control Stress

A recent study carried at International Journal of Preventive Medicine has proved that massage therapies can serve as an effective intervention for controlling blood pressure related problems in the pre hypertensive women. The study has recorded immediate results of lowered Blood pressures that lasted for long 72 hours after massage.

In yet another study carried out by same publication, the findings were quite similar. Those candidate who received Swedish massage over a time period of 4 weeks were found with significant fall in their Blood Pressure than those who do not have massage.

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