Erotic Massage Something more than Sensuous Foreplay

An erotic massage is soothing, free of stress, stimulates the immune system and circulation. Do you want to spoil your secret date with sensual touches? We show how to do this with an erotic massage.

A Body to body massage is the best way to fulfill sex. The beauty of it: everyone can learn to massage. You only need a comfortable underlay, Massage Parlour and massage oil for the start. The room should be warm so that the muscles do not cramp, the atmosphere intimate and undisturbed. There are plenty of Full body massage parlor that can provide you with sensuous massage to increase and enhance your physical power.

Tips for an erotic massage at Body Massage Service in Hauz Khas:

The appropriate oil

So that the massage becomes supple, you should use massage oil. You can easily mix it yourself: as carrier oil you use grape seed, almond or jojoba oil. Aromatic oils with erotic effect are rose oil, magnolia oil, ylang-ylang and ginger oil. Most of the oils are available at the pharmacy or in the drugstore market. Please note: For the intimate area do not use oil, but a water-based lubricant.

Spoil the whole body

Your partner is on your stomach. Before you start, put one hand on his neck, the other on the butt. Breathe deeply in and out, and concentrate on the imminent massage. Repeat several times. Make sure your hands are warm. Start gently at first, and sweep over the body of your partner in long movements.

Smooth from head to toe

Rub some oil on your palms to warm it. With gentle pressure, you first massage a half of the body, stroke with both hands towards the head. Start with your feet, over your back, shoulders, along with your arms to your fingertips. Now rub the other half of the body with the oil. You can vary tempo and rhythm during massaging, as well as pressure your hands. If you are unsure, try to be gentle. And, of course, you should always pay attention to the reaction of your partner.

Sensual foot massage

Foot massage does not sound very sexy at first – but is extremely effective. Why? Because most of the acupressure points are on the feet. Dedicate every foot sole. Massage with the thumb with light pressure. Then circle the ankles with two fingers, and then brush the back of the foot. By the way: In the middle of the football, between the big and second toe is the acupressure point for our pleasure centers. Lightly massage with your thumb and wait and see what happens