DIY: How to Perform An Effective Massage

Everyone is familiar with the use of body massages in order to treat problems like anxiety, depression and providing relaxation to the body. But the question arises, does it need some professional qualification or can it be performed by common man. Well the complex massages which involves a prior training to perform and use of mechanical tools needs to be performed by specialists only. Yet, there still are some easy ways to conduct massages which involves the use of fingers and hand movements which can be performed by anyone.


Performing a massage must be known to everyone as at any point of time one might need some massage due to some sudden dislocation or discomfort in the body. Being aware of the procedure of massage one can be of some help for instant relief.

Basic steps to be followed

  1. Preparing atmosphere

The first steps is to create soothing atmosphere as massages are generally to release tension and stress and perfect use of low lightning and use of light perfumes and candles are some common ways to do it.

  1. Preparing natural oil

Going natural regarding the use of oil is the best choice. The use of natural oils ensures no after effects of the massage performed.

  1. Application of oil

There is a proper technique to use the oils for massages. Firstly, one must rub the oil to be used which should little in amount between their palms and wait until it gets a little warmer. Than it can be applied on the body for massage.

  1. Perfect pressure

Massages are all about applying the perfect amount of pressure on the body while performing it. It should neither be too firm nor be too hard. One should remember that the massage is given to release the pain and not to generate pain.

  1. Go slow

While performing the massage at home one should always go slow and use of whole hand should be ensured. In order to ease the muscles slow strokes are best way to start which helps in proper blood circulation.

  1. Use of palm

After easing the muscles by slow strokes one can start performing the massage with the use of palms in a butterfly motion, which should cover maximum area of the body especially back and shoulders.

  1. Up and down motion

The next motion to be used is up and down by the use of fingers and thumb, giving relief to the spinal area and neck.

  1. Use of arms

It is obvious that one gets tired while performing a massage so even use of fore-arms is allowed in the process and is effective in raising the amount of pressure.

  1. Finishing

At this point almost all the parts are rejuvenated and touched and relieved. Neck is the last part that will ensure the finishing of the process, where thumbs are used while applying light pressure. The end is the best part as it soothes the whole body and neck is the most affected and tired part of the body.

Conclusion: Even a layman can perform massage therapy to ease the body with the above mentioned simple steps. However, a soothing body massage in Chandigarh by girls can only be availed through expert and young female therapists.

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