Massages For Core Of Your Body

The concept of massage has its roots in the early ages, moreover we got this idea from our ancestors who used it to relax and ease the body as their used to be a lot of manual labour at that time. However, with the passage of time the uses changed as the manual labour got less with technological advancement. At one point of time it became a subject of class that rich people used to practice. Yet, as for now it have become popular around the world for relaxation of body and treating different body related problems.


Full body massage etymologically means friction of kneading, it is because an amount of pressure is used on the body by the use of hands and fingers. This is done to give stimuli to the nerve ends in the muscles that rejuvenates the muscles and eventually provides pleasure and relaxation.

It is important from the medical point of view as well and is even recommended by doctors in some situations like physical deformity or some dislocation of muscles caused in the body. It is even popular in the sports and holds a great significance, as physical mishaps are common in sports and massage plays a great remedial role to heel.

Different types of Massages

Massages beholds a lot of variety which means there are different types of massages for different body parts and are performed differently. Earlier there used to be a single way to perform body massage but nowadays as it have become a profession, there are a lot of variations in massage.

Some of the popular types of massages in Chandigarh prevalent in practice are

Ayurvedic Massage

This is used to relax the body which have become tired due to daily routine, which makes the body tiring and pale. It involves, use of ayurvedic oils while massaging the body this ensures no aftereffects as natural elements from nature are used on the body.

Medical Massage

As the word suggest it is used in medical fields by doctors and trained therapists. Medical massages are used to treat some physical deformity caused by some accident. It involves use of mechanical machines and special techniques to treat body problems.

Hot stone Massage

This one is popularly known by the name Shiatsu. In this massage hot stones are used on the body to trigger proper blood circulation eventually relaxing the body. This one has its origin from south East Asia.

Swedish massage

This one is most popular and involves the use of stokes to the body while performing it. It is beneficial in case of treating pain reduction, dislocation, and back pain and many more problems. Many female therapists have been offering it as body to body massage too.

Conclusion: It is clear that the profession is growing and getting popular in Chandigarh, as though there is no physical labour but there surely is mental labour which causes stress and uneasiness to your mind and inner core. Full body massage is the only solution to tackle such problem and treat the body well.

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