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Ayurvedic Massage

An ayurvedic massage is a holistic approach to the technique whereby a treatment is applied to the body employing all the tricks in the bag. This means that ayurvedic massage involves a good and healthy diet along with some herbal remedies even if you are in Chandigarh. There is an instant detoxification of the body whereby all the toxins are kicked out of the body leaving it clean and pure.

Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage works out the best results if the therapist is an expert. A full body to body massage involves a therapy of the arms, legs, feet and all other parts of the body. The trick is to press softly on all parts of the body right from the head to one's toe.

Aromatherapy Massage

A lot of natural oils and sweet fragrances are used in an aromatherapy massage. The aim is to stimulate healing through the sweet aroma of flowers and oils. These oils are known to have the ability to heal and treat disorders and ailments. You get to choose from a comprehensive list of 40 different oils for aromatherapy.

Balinese Massage

The denizens of Bali, Thailand came up with a unique therapy which they called Balinese massage. But it does carry with it all lessons from the schools of massage in India, China and Southeast Asia.